Build Wealth While Preserving Your Values

Many investors unknowingly own shares of companies that fund abortion. We help you switch to a portfolio of ethical companies.

  • Are you pro-life and pro-family?
  • Do you want to improve people’s lives while building your future?
  • Are you looking for an investment strategy that has historically outperformed the market?

Work towards your financial goals while helping others.

You don’t have to sacrifice returns to do good with your investments. Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) endorses companies that are making a positive contribution to the world and screens out “bad actor” companies that profit through exploitation

This screening process is critical because the S&P 500 index contains companies that pay for abortions, run pro-choice marketing campaigns, and even conduct destructive scientific experiments. The S&P 500 also contains companies that fund pornography.

We understand how shocking it can be to discover that your investments have been supporting things that you hate.

We have helped hundreds of people switch to a portfolio of values-based companies that do well by doing good.

The causes they support save babies through pro-life counsel, dig clean water wells, provide Bibles to the persecuted church, end human slavery, and spread the hope of the gospel.

Welcome to a new investment paradigm.

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Move toward financial freedom and provide for your family
while making the world a better place.

Impact potential of a$ 100,000portfolio:


Potential babies spared through pro-life counsel



Bibles given to the persecuted church



People reached for the Gospel


People provided with a clean water source



Days of legal representation for the oppressed



Operation Shoebox gifts delivered

Impact estimates based on the fund donating an average of 0.10% of initial investment for 20 years. Does not include calculation for potential growth rate of assets over time. Actual donations may be higher or lower depending on growth rate, length of time assets are held, and other factors. Donation amounts, performance and other factors are not guaranteed.

1. $4 provides one consultant call to a frightened pregnant woman
2. $5 provides one Bible to Christians in persecution
3. Cost per visitor to ($4.36 each)
4. $15 provides clean water for 1 person
5. International Justice Mission ( $105 to cover trial fees for one case defending a victim of human trafficking
6. $25 provides a shoebox to one needy child

A Community Transformed

In the mountains of Guatemala an entire village is being transformed with clean water, a school, medical clinic, vocational training, and an at-risk child sponsorship program.

Areas of Impact

Some of the Causes Supported by Biblically Responsible Investing

Clean Water

Care for the Poor

Disaster Relief for Hurricane Victims

Community Transformation

Protect Your Wealth

Avoid loss of capital due to a market crash with a proven
risk management system.

A Responsible Investment Strategy

Invest in the Future

Get a portfolio of values-based companies.

Make an Impact

Your investments will help causes worldwide.

Grow Your Wealth

Reach your goals while improving people’s lives.

Why Quartermaster Investments

  • Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered investment advisory firm
  • We have a moral and legal obligation to put your best interests first
  • We promote a culture of investment fiduciary responsibility
  • We share your ambition to make the world a better place for everyone
  • We are pro-life and pro family

Risk Free

There is no cost or obligation to get an audit of your portfolio

About Us

We are a dedicated team of people who work with hundreds of investors that want to create a legacy of transformed lives. We help them accomplish their goals without sacrificing returns through values-based investments.


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